The “Bosque River” holster is a holster similar to ones that  existed in 1845 when Texas joined the Union.   I do know   Colt’s new 5 shot percussion revolvers (Colt Patterson) were certainly in use by then, and they would have fit the “Bosque River.”

The “Bosque” Holster, is a “Slim Jim”  style holster which incorporates the best points of my Pecos, and Lampasas holsters... not being quite like either of them.  This holster will function well, and look good (and period correct) with any of the percussion revolvers, conversions, and longer barreled revolvers.  We think it is destined to be a very popular addition.

The Bosque River was one of many streams to be forded by the great cattle herds on their way to the railheads to the North.  Below:  A modern picture of how that formidable task  would have appeared to the drovers about to ford with a herd of cattle along the Chisholm Trail. 

THE BOSQUE RIVER rises in four main branches, the North, East, Middle, and South Bosque rivers, at Lake Waco, on the northwest edge of Waco in central McLennan County (at 31°34' N, 97°12' W), and flows south for four miles to its mouth on the Brazos River, in Cameron Park in the city limits of Waco (at 31°35' N, 97°09' W). The North Bosque River, the longest branch of the river, rises in north central Erath County and cuts through Hamilton County into Bosque County, where it is joined by the East Bosque River, which rises in Erath County. From their confluence the North Bosque continues into central McLennan County, where it is joined by the South and Middle Bosque rivers as it flows into Lake Waco. The Bosque River flows through rolling hills where the dominant vegetation includes post oak and cedar. The upper branches, in Erath, Hamilton, and Bosque counties, are relatively narrow, free-flowing, and scenic, with clear water and heavily vegetated banks.

The word bosque is Spanish for "woods" or "woody lands," and, according to some accounts, the name was applied to the stream by the Marqués de San Miguel de Aguayo in 1719. Other authorities say that the river was named for a French trader, Juan Bosquet, who was living with the Tawakoni Indians in the 1770s. George B. Erath explored the river on an expedition in 1837, and the Texan Santa Fe expedition of 1841 crossed the area. Bones of Ice Age mammoths that lived 17,000 years ago have been located near the river's junction with the Brazos. Indians who lived along the river included Caddo, Tonkawa, Tawakoni, Towash, and Waco.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: An Analysis of Texas Waterways (Austin: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, 1974).

For a more complete history opf the area and Bosque County, follow this link:

The rig below is carved in the “Hickok” pattern, a popular design in these slim jim style holsters.  Two things set this “Bosque” design apart from the “Lampasas” design: First the toe of the holster is rounded.  Second, the top (back) of the holster is also rounded over rather than cut the same as the front.  The difference would appear much more apparent if I had taken a photo of it while empty.

This rig is done in a rich saddle tan color.  I also incorporated domed rivets between the loops on the belt.  Unlike “spots” rivets will never fall off or work loose.

Remember, we are a full custom shop and will make alterations and variations of any of the designs you see, as well as original designs if you have a photo  or can describe what you would like.  There is no additional charge for redesigning or designing according to your desires.  (I get my best ideas from my customers)  The Bosque River design and name were suggested by a customer, as a matter of fact, whose family has lived in that area for 150 years.

Always measure the circumference of exactly where you plan to wear the gunbelt... over the kind of clothes you will be wearing with the rig.

For all our holsters we use “heavy saddle skirting” from Hermann Oak.  This is vegetable tanned leather - the very best domestic hides, and tanned in America.

Unless your holsters are constructed using heavy skirting (at least 12 - 15 oz leather)  they will not hold their shape nor hold up to heavy use.

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Until the end of the year, when you order a double rig (2 holsters and any gun belt)... 

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