Of course most everything is adaptable to either percussion revolvers or center fire revolvers of the 18th Century.  But occasionally something comes along that is particularly interesting to the "Dark Siders" who shoot mostly cap and ball revolvers.  This page is dedicated to that interest.

The first item specifically intended for cap and ball, is a belt which will accommodate extra cylinders for the Remington .44 revolver.

These cylinder loops are built of thicker leather than the cartridge loops, and are woven through the belt and wet molded to fit the cylinder perfectly and securely.  Two thickness of 13 oz leather are sewn on at the bottom of the loop to securely hold the cylinder in place.  Removal of the cylinder is easily accomplished by pushing up from the bottom with your index and middle fingers.  An empty cylinder is then simply pushed into the empty loop.  My customer got this idea from a Clint Eastwood movie, and I think it will prove to be a popular belt/loop combination for "Dark Siders."  

I will build this belt at the regular belt prices, simply add $10.00 per loop for each cylinder loop you want added to your gunbelt.

Another option for keeping these extra cylinders is slides, as shown below.  As you can see, these slides are curved a little for a better fit on your belt, and snap in back.  I personally prefer the slides, as it makes the rig more versatile.  You can move them around, and also add cartridge slides for when you shoot your conversions, of if you need them for you rifle or shotgun.  These slides are $35 each for cylinders, 4 rounds of shotshells, or 6 cartridges.  

(All the holsters and gear featured below are also included elsewhere, but these seem to be especially appropriate for cap and ball affectionados:)

The "Lampasas"

The "Pecos"  

An "aged" Pecos rig.  See:

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Always measure the circumference of exactly where you plan to wear a gunbelt... over the kind of clothes you will be wearing with the rig.  Please click here to see the explanation near the bottom on the index page

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