Slides add a lot of versatility to your rig, especially if there are  no loops built into the belt.

Notice that these shells are grouped in sets of two.  There is also a "keeper" under the shotshell loops to hold the shells up for easy case extraction. These can be also made with and individual loop for each shell.  $35 each. (Please specify if you want snaps or sewn bottoms)

Pistol slide built on same pattern.  I can place snaps on the slides as shown, or sew them across the bottom.  Your choice.

Either slide is $35 in a (6) six shell slide.

Slides below are in 12 ga., made to ride high, each slide is $35.

Your slides will be border tooled to match the rig you order, at no additional cost.   The shotshell slides above, made to be large enough for a 3 1/2" belt, could also accommodate two or three revolver cartridges in a second row near the bottom. (an extra $10)  

I think an ideal combo might be to place two shotshell slides (4 shells each) in front, and another slide (6 cartridges) with revolver shells behind each of your holsters.  (Wear the belt with the buckle in back.)  A total of 8 shotshells and 12 cartridges...   Of course a shotgun belt can be built to match your double rig at the same approximate total cost, but with four slides like this, on a belt with no loops, you eliminate the need to wear the second belt.  

A badge holder ($20)or 3 cartridge loop slide ($25).  Both are built to fit on the tongue or buckle billet of your gunbelt, where they are out of the way and very easy to get to.  

This combination badge holder and 3 cartridge slide (above and below) will fit up to a 3" wide belt.  It can also be worn over the tongue of the belt as the two slides above.  Price is $30, tooled to match your rig.   No additional charge for one row of border stamping.  I can also build these slides with a "squared" bottom and sew it across the bottom. (Please specify if you want a square sewn bottom.)

Bullet pouches are a handy item.  These can be used for empties or loaded cartridges.  They also accomodate cell phones, digital cameras, or your wallet (for period correct cowboys who have no pockets on their pants).  They are about 7 inches long and will comfortably hold more than 75 empty .45's with no danger of running over.  Or use them for shotshells (they easily hold 12 or more). $45 each made of oil / chrome tanned leather to compliment the color of your rig.  They are made to hang on your gunbelt, and will fit on top of cartridge loops if need be.  

Below is a bullet pouch shown on a 2 1/2" belt with a holster for a 7 1/2" SAA.  These pouches will will fit up to a 3 1/2" belt.

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