Since all of us, like the gent above is either impersonating a well known personality, or at least impersonating an era, I though this an apt title for this page.

Note:  I have from time to time asked permission of some of you to include a correspondence you sent me regarding your satisfaction of the gunleather I built for you.  However, since my web  building tool was “broken” for 8 or 9 months, I did not update this page, and lost much of the correspondence from my customers who so graciously have granted that permission.  If you are one of those folks, I apologize, sincerely.  - Don

But here are a few...

"Fillin' Graves" Foust

Don, I received my new holsters in the mail the other day and wanted to tell you what a good job you did on them.  They look great.  Thanks for the extra business cards, I have passed a few of them out to local gun stores.  Thanks for doing a great job.  I'll recommend you to anyone who asks.   

Fillin' Graves

"Jay" in Florida

Just received my rig today.  If one word could sum my feelings, that word would be ...WOW!  You met and exceeded all my expectations... very nice work on the triangle conchos.  I really feel I have a superior rig system of the highest quality.  I can't thank you enough for  the work with my late father's coins and jewelry.  I sure am going to wear  this with pride.  I can't wait to show it off  this Saturday at our next shoot.  Once again thanks for making my ideas a reality and not only creating a fine piece of leather, but also for creating a lasting memento of my father.


Coffin Maker  (Back Pocket Guncarts)

Grouchy Old Bear

I received my beautiful new rig today.  everything about this set, from the straight and cross draw holster and beautiful tooled gun belt is superbly done.  The craftsmanship is the best I have ever seen.  Anyone seeing this set can see the love and joy you put into your creations.  I love the matching shotgun belt as well.  From the perfectly fitted cartridge loops to the shotshell stop strips all add, to make a perfect rig.  The Vaquero's fit is perfect, snug but easy to draw without he holsters lifting at all and I especially like the flare at the top of the holsters.  Many thanks again, you are a craftsman and a joy to do business with.

Coffin Maker

The Fastest Gun Cart in the West

Jonny Dakota

I am very very pleased with my new Gun Rig and could not be e happier.  I will be making a knife in the near future and when it's done I will contact you about a sheath.

Jonny Dakota

Horace Patootie

I really like my Llano rig set up for my Ruger Birdshead Vaqueros.  The rigidity of the belt and stiffness of the holsters allow for easy draw and re-holstering.  These are the qualities I was looking for.

William Mathews, aka Horace Patootie,SASS 35798

Marshall Luke

The rig is super.  My Opentops look and fit perfectly.  I particularly like the rolled edges to allow easy entry into the holsters.  

Thanks for being so prompt.

Lou, aka Marshall Luke

Phil Noonon

Just purchased a rifle belt, good quality workmanship, the belt was made just as I ordered, very satisfied, would order again with confidence.

Ken, aka Phil Noonon

Thanks again Don

J Millard

Don, you are a true artist.  the gun belt is just perfect, looks good!  I will wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who asks.  Best of all it (the gun belt) was delivered in the promised time frame.  I'm very pleased!

J. Millard

Hardtack Henry

I needed to drop you a line to let you know how impressed I am with your  work.  You outdone yourself on my Brazos rig!  I noticed you have it pictured on your web site, which is great so I can show folks what kind of work you did for me.  I showed off the rig during our first shoot of the season, and during competition the pistols pulled and reholstered flawlessly.  I'll recommend you to anyone who asks.  Many thanks!

Hardtack Henry (Montana)

Silver Tongue Tom

GOB does great work, folks. I just got my beautiful new custom rig from him. You can see it here.   [See my "Brazos" page.  His is the rig with the silver dollars and the dropped holsters (GOB)]Those are my Uberti Remmie M1875s in the holsters. The conchos are 1881 Morgan Silver Dollars. The holsters are perfectly fitted. I can just get the barrel over them and drop them, and they slip right into place with no binding or drag. I can also draw very quickly, thanks to stiff leather, the cut down tops, and roughly 2 inch drop that puts the grips right at belt level (a big plus when you use long barrels, like I do).

He delivered exactly what I wanted, made to my specs, and he did it on time (about 2 weeks) and at a very fair price. In the picture, you can see the matching shotgun belt, too, that was part of the package. I now own rigs from San Pedro Saddlery and Circle KB, along with Liberty Leather, and I can tell you that his work is right up there with the best.

The Hon. Thomas Fitch

"The silver-tongued orator of the west"  (Tennessee)

Rocky Roads

Received the new gun rig. It's GREAT! The fit of both belts is perfect, and the ride and hang of the holsters is just right as well!! The draw is fast and clean, and the re-holster is fast and easy, and the guns stay put when in the holsters. The color is exactly what I wanted, and your timeline was as you said it would be.

You can be sure that I will be calling on you for my future leather needs, and that I will be sure to HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to any and everyone that I have a chance to!!!

I will be giving you a call in the next couple of weeks to get some more conchos from you. The first ones you sent were perfect. I will be getting more!!



Rocky Roads


Cap Mossman

The pair of Rio Concho holsters arrived in good shape in today's mail.

I am pleased with the deep stamping on firm leather, signs of your good workmanship. . . . a matching pair of excellent quality holsters.

"Cap Mossman"

New Mexico

Irish Thunder

Don, sorry it took me a bit to let you know what a great job you did on my gunbelt. We just finished moving into our new house in Yuma, Arizona and are in the process of unpacking. I just got connected to the net and wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your work. There is no question that your leatherwork is the equal or better of much more expensively priced offerings. Keep up the great work!

John , AKA "Irish Thunder"


Howdy Don,  Just got my holsters today. Exactly what I expected. YEEEEEEHAAAAWWW!!!!! Brother, they sure look pretty. Another quality job by the Grouchy Old Bear. Can’t wait to show ‘em off and tell everyone where I got them. Guns fit them great … Rugers and Colt Clones. And the Chestnut color matches my gunbelt exactly … what luck. Well, thanks again, good luck, and may God be with you.

Jay, AKA Allegheny


A quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my new holsters and shotgun belt. I will be wearing them in my very first cowboy shoot next weekend. Of the 15 or so shooters who get together every month at the Ledyard Gun Club, I know three of us will be wearing your outfits.

Great Job !!!


Everett  aka: JWALKER


Howdy Don, This is a fun e-mail to write!!!!   I just got my Rig delivered today, and Boy Howdy did you do a great job!!!!!!!   It is everything I wanted and more!!!

I have been wearing it all day and it not only looks good, it is very comfortable and extremely functional!

I could go on and on about it, but most of all I just wanted to say Thank you so very much for the Beautiful job you did in making this rig for me!!

I have had 2 other custom rigs done for me, and yours is far and away the best, and again, Thank you for that. I will be glad to be a reference if you ever have the need, but I bet you don't because of the beautiful rigs that you produce.

Take care Pard,

Gary Purdy  Alias, Long Creek Purd  SASS #73549

e-mail: Don Barnett

Phone: 281-659-3998

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