COUNCIL CREEK, TEXAS. Council Creek was an early settlement on Council Creek and what is now Farm Road 2341, ten miles northwest of Burnet in western Burnet County. Local tradition has it that the creek and the community were named for a meeting of local residents trying to settle a difficulty. The meeting was called a "council of war," but the dispute was settled peacefully. The Council Creek area was settled about 1856 by several families from Illinois. By the early 1860s the community had a grist and saw mill, a turning lathe, and a leather shop; cedar shingles, hardwood lumber, and furniture were among the earliest commodities produced by area residents. The first schoolhouse in the vicinity, often referred to as Cedar College for the material from which it was made, also doubled as a church building. In 1896 the Council Creek school had one teacher and forty students. The school burned before 1912, and a new building had to be built.  The school was finally consolidated with the Burnet Independent School District in 1951. The school and a few houses marked the community on county highway maps in the 1940s, but by the 1980s the only evidence of the old settlement was Fry Cemetery. A subdivision called Council Creek Village was established to the west of the old Council Creek community site in the early 1960s. Most residents of Council Creek Village were newcomers to the area, attracted by the resort facilities offered by Lake Buchanan. No population estimates of the region were available in 2000.


(Darrell Debo, Burnet County History (2 vols., Burnet, Texas: Eakin, 1979).

The above photo taken near Morgan Creek, is typical of the landscape in the Council Creek area.

My grandfather and grandmother Barnett raised their family in this area and lived on what was then “The Fry Place.”  One of my uncle’s family (The Baker family) were some of the original settlers (before Texas independence) who came into this area and took up land along the banks of South Morgan Creek (about 2 or 3 miles from the old Council Creek school).  Dad and several of his brothers and sisters went to school through the 8th grade in the one room schoolhouse mentioned in the above article.  One of my uncles (Weldon Barnett) taught school there several years during the 1930s.  Many of my cousins, (several near my age) went there until the school consolidated with Burnet.  When I was in high school (late 1950s) I helped move the old school building 2 or 3 miles to the North bank of South Morgan Creek (not far from where the above photo was taken), where a bachelor brother of one of my uncles lived in it several years.  It is now used as a storage building on my cousin’s ranch.  

The “Council Creek” holster is built to cover most of the cylinder and yet still provide a completely exposed cut down rear sight area make extraction easy and provide clearance should you haver an adjustable sight.

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