Of course everything we build is custom built.  Hardly ever is an order exactly like one we have built before.  Most of our customers are unique and want something similar to what they see on our web pages, or perhaps similar to something they have seen elsewhere.  We do our best to accommodate them or build something entirely from scratch if necessary. 

Below are a few examples of such custom orders.

The above holster was built to accommodate a scoped Thompson Contender.  Note the “adjustment” screws near the center and near the barrel end to adjust the holster to fit loosely or tightly. 

For custom designed (probably one of a kind requests) add $25 design and pattern fee to normal cost of a western holster.

The above holster is “one size fits all,” and can be worn on right or left side, or attached to saddle pommels or a gun cart.  A right handy thing to have as a “loner,”  as well.


Regular holster price applies.

Custom knife sheaths are popular, and I have built many styles.  My favorite is the “coffin” shaped sheath shown above.  This style hangs low on the belt so there’s no danger of it falling out.

The “bullet bar” or “cartridge strip” or whatever you choose to call it is a handy item.  I attach two (2) ten (10) round strips together at the top with a Chicago screw, and attach it at the bottom with either a lanyard or a snap.

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