If you want a truly outstanding "grip" (no pun intended), this is the one!  Sweaty hands in the Texas sun don't slow you down.  These scales are carved deep into the grip, and will give a lifetime of unique service.  I also have the "fish scales" carved into the grip area on my side by side.
$100.00 per side to put this on your grips.

The "Texas Star" ( a 3 dimensional carving) on your grips will make them truly unique as well.  I will do this for $75. (both sides)

A truly unique "Buffalo Gun!"  This carving is especially appropriate on any "large bore" rifle stock.  This is an example of enhancing the stock without diminishing from the embellishments that are already on it.  Of course fish scale, oak leaves, scroll work, or basket weave could be carved into the grip and forearm if desired.  The "plaque" with the buffalo on the Gunstock Engraving page to examine the detail on the buffalo carving.
This buffalo on your stock is.... $300.00

Several styles of conchos are always on hand, in addition to what is shown here, and we can special order whatever you want.  Most silver plated conchos are $5.00 each.  Unless noted otherwise, all conchos are screw backs, so that you can change them around easily, if you ever desire to do so.

The star concho with a gold star, available in 1 1/4: and 1 1/2"

The "Eldorado" concho is the most elegant silver & gold guilded concho I have been able to find.  I named this concho after the featured double rig (above).  They are available in  1 3/4", 1 1/2", 1 1/4", and 3/4".
They are only $5.00 each.

These 1881 silver dollar conchos look real!  The edges show serrations like the real ones, and even the back is cast as the back of a dollar.  They are cast, silver plated, and beautifully oxidized and polished so that if you want to say they are the "Real McCoy" no one will doubt your word!  They are domed perfectly and will look really nice on a belt or holster.   $5 each, installed.

The concho above is made from a casting of an Oregon Trail Commemorative Half Dollar.  
the star concho below is made from the same half dollar as the back still has the coin image on it.

I recently found a source for gold coin conchos.  These are also cast from originals.  The coin in the middle is a "half eagle" ($5).  The one on the right is a "quarter eagle" ($2.50).  The dime on the left is a modern dime shown for comparison of size only, as I enlarged these coins to show the detail in the next set of pictures. The smaller images are to the same scale as the other coin conchos (above).  The other coin conchos (above) are made from dollars and half dollars, and  are the same size as modern coins of the same denomination.  (I hope to soon find a source for gold eagles [$10] and double eagles [$20] made up into conchos.)

Image enlarged below:

These beautiful conchos are all made from silver plated zinc castings of original antiques.  The gold coins are gilded with gold.  The edges on all the coin conchos show serrations like real coins, and the backs still have all the original markings as if they were crafted from real antique coins.  Many of the old conchos and most round badges, were made like this from silver or gold U.S. , Mexican, or Spanish coins.  These screw backed conchos are all  $5 each,  (gold & silver) installed on your gunleather.

As a matter of historical interest, when gold and silver were the currency of trade, it mattered little what country minted them.  Therefore if you had any gold or silver money it was not unusual for it to be Mexican, Spanish, or some other country's currency, as well as that of the U.S.. What mattered was how much gold or silver was in the coin,  Therefore most gold and silver coins were serrated on the edges, and often engraved to the very edge as the gold coins above, to make it difficult for people to grind off part of the precious metal and thus cheat the unwary citizen.  

These key chains are available with 1881 silver dollars or the star badges.   It is made with two domed dollars or badges, back to back and key rings that move in a track around the circumference between the "conchos".   $18.00 each.

Choose your buckle style:

Antique silver plated buckles (below) are $15 each

Clipped corner buckles (Brass or nickel) are $10 each

Standard buckles (Brass or nickel) are furnished at no additional cost

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