We can do just about any animal. The duck (first photo) and the Goose (second photo) are on the same stock. The duck could have been surrounded with scroll work similarly to that around the goose. The duck in this carving is so finely detailed, you can see individual feathers and the veins on the feathers. The eye even looks real!

This goose (below) is on the left (cheek) side of the stock, and the engraving is situated in such a way that it will not interfere with your face when you lay it against the stock. You will notice that the traditional checkering has been removed and replaced with three dimensional "fish scales." Don't confuse these carvings with what can be done with laser carving. These individual "scales" are sculpted (dished out), and are deep into the wood. The grip these "scales" provide on your rifle or shotgun stock is much firmer than traditional checkering. Nor do these "scales" wear and become slick with use over time, as does traditional checkering. Of course the forend is also done in scroll and "fish scale."  The fish scale is clearer on the revolver grip further down the page...

Oak leaves are beautiful on a rifle stock. A panel of oak leaves is also on the forearm, set off in the same way as on the pistol grip. These deeply carved leaves and the stippled background provide a very durable and a superb grip. Since I use real leaves as patterns...just size them down a bit, I can use the actual leaves (doesn't have to be oak leaves) found under your deer stand as my pattern, if you desire.

Below, is an example of "basket weave". This is almost as unique as "fish scale." The original checkering is removed, and the "basket weave" design takes it's place, carved deep into the stock. This gives you a much better grip on the stock than simple checkering. The scroll work sets off the entire carving. A white tailed deer is in this stock, but a mule deer, goat, sheep, elk, bear, buffalo, mountain lion, antelope, elephant, African lion, cape buffalo, or any other game could take it's place.

One of my favorites is a buffalo on a Sharps.   Here is an example of leaving the original checkering alone, and adding a simple carving that makes this rifle a one of a kind piece of art. Note the detail on the plaque further down the page.  The detail on this Sharps is just as precise.

This photo shows very clearly the sharp and distinct fish scale pattern that is also carved into the shotgun above.

These plaques are carved into mesquite.  Walnut and mesquite are two of the best woods to carve in, making very sharp detail possible.

The Buffalo (below) is shown in approximate actual size.  All the others are actually about the same size as the buffalo, but are reduced here so they will load onto your computer faster.

These are but a few examples of what can be carved into your gunstock.  

Shown approximately actual size, this buffalo illustrates the kind of detail that is carved into all the carvings.  Even this photo does not show the hair on the hind quarters that is very clear on the actual carving.

Pricing of custom carving / engraving

Each gunstock is unique. The total price for carving your stock depends on several things: The type of wood, the condition of the stock, exactly what you want, and where you want it. These are things we must discuss in order to accurately quote you a price. These carvings are durable. The firearm is still a tool you can use, but now you can also show it off as a piece of art. And when we finish a stock, it has become a work of art!   It will be a valuable heirloom to pass on to your heirs,  not just another fine firearm in your gun case.

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