Yes... I am now including a line of “Roll Your 
Own”  rigs for those of you who are so inclined.   Myself,  I had to learn by trial and error, and  I did a lot of trying and made lots of errors before I got it together.  All the available books and booklets I could find left much to be desired and simply did not tell me what I really needed to know.    Now, there will be no need for you to go through all that anguish.  I will offer a “basic rig” kit consisting of 2 holsters, a tapered style unlined belt with 2 cartridge slides and all the necessary hardware, needles, thread, your choice of solid brass or nickel -  clipped corner buckle, and all the instructions you will need so you can do a nice job the first time and have something to be proud of.  I will also be available for online and phone support, as you build your own rig.

If you don’t already work with leather, all you will have to purchase is about 8 oz. of Fieblings, or other “spirit based” leather dye, some gum Tragacanth, and a  small amount of rubber cement (that sold at any hardware store will work). These items are available from Tandy and elsewhere and are very economical.

The kits are about 75% finished - the “hard parts” are already done.  The holsters, belt, and cartridge slides are cut out, holes punched, and edges beveled.  You tool it, dye it, and sew it together.  I have already sized the belt.  You will need to tell me your circumference at the place you will wear the belt, over clothes similar to what you will use.  Final fit of the belt is “tweaked” by you punching / drilling holes in the tongue.

The Kits


a) Completely pre-cut of 10-12 oz leather
You tool or carve the leather if you like.
You dye your color choice, and burnish the inside and edges to make them smooth and dense (complete instructions and hints included).
Instructions enclosed for marking stitching holes at the edge of the holster, which I recommend you drill with a hand drill or drill press for the stitches.  I have found this to be far easier than the traditional “punch awl” method. Instructions also included for “saddle stitching” the holsters.
Complete instructions include how to wet mold the leather to fit your revolver perfectly, and how to apply the final finish.

 Completely pre-cut 2 1/2” wide tapered belt - sized to your measurements.  
Tool it if you like, dye it, and install the included buckle with a chicago screw (also included).  Solid brass or nickel (same buckles I use on custom rigs).

 Two (2) slides in each kit.  Already cut out with slits punched so you can thread cartridge loops in the caliber of your choice just like from my custom shop.
These slides are very popular and a good alternative to cartridge loops on the belt itself.  
Instructions for final finish are enclosed.  There is no reason why your slides won’t look like the ones from my custom shop.

*With the exception of the “Rio Grande,” any style shown on my web site can be made up as a kit with your choice of barrel length and style of revolver.

I can usually be reached during business days and most Saturdays for advice on selection and construction.  Glad to help.

COST:  The kits are $160.00 for all “non-skirted” holsters, $170 for all kits that include holster design which have a skirt.  Shipping anywhere in the U.S. is $18.  Shipping outside the U.S. quoted on request.

Kits  usually ship within 5 business days.

e-mail: Don Barnett

Phone: 281-659-3998 

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