Named for the Llano River, which drains into the Lower Colorado  River (Lake L. B. J., actually), at the town of Kingsland in Llano County,  about 15 miles west of Burnet, Texas, where I grew up.  This is one of my first designs, and it continues to be one of my most popular.  For the past 150+ years, we Texans have pronounced the river, the county and the town of Llano:  "lan-oh" (as in "land" - drop the "d" and add "o"). The “proper” Spanish pronunciation of this river, town, and county, is "Ya-no."   "Llano" means "plains".  The river takes it's name from the "Llano Estacado," or staked plains.  (When we say "Llano Estacado," we pronounce it in proper Spanish, by the way.)  Northwest of the headwaters of the Llano river, the early  Spanish Conquistadors entered upon a relatively featureless high plains... so featureless that they literally drove stakes into the ground at intervals to help them find their way back.  (They got lost anyway, and those who survived went back by a different route.)  Thus the "Staked Plains."  Interestingly, the Llano river, runs through the Hill Country of Central Texas, and level ground is rare anywhere along it's entire course.   This is a beautiful little river.  As it runs through Llano County, the water is crystal clear, and it has a sand, gravel, and rock riverbed that makes for many beautiful swimming holes.  A favorite destination for picnics and summer recreation.

Shown above is a  "Llano" holster for a 5 1/2" barrel Vaquero, done in “antique russet.”   It has one row of border stamping, and one raised bead.   The "keeper loop" across the front is laced, and initials of the owner are stamped into the  holster.  The Llano holster starts at $95 + tooling.  The laced keeper strap adds another $20.  The standard keeper strap is no additional cost (shown on other Llano holsters below).

The "Llano" rig below includes a cross draw holster.  This rig was built for 5 1/2" barrels.  This holster looks nice, plain or fancy.  

The Llano holster was actually designed by simply dropping the skirt from a Brazos holster.  Shown below is a combination Brazos / Llano rig (Brazos on the “strong side,” and a Llano cross draw.

(Below) A "Sunday Fancy" 2 1/2" rig with a ranger style belt, that is just what a "sporting man" of the 19th Century might have worn.  Lots of shine and lots of silver, and 18 cartridge loops, with a total of five (5) silver plated conchos.  This one is shown with Llano holsters.   To figure the total price on a rig similar to this, click below:

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All of our holsters can be built in cross draw configuration.

A "keeper strap" such as in the first photo above, which is laced in front will dress up any of the holsters I make with a strap.  This option is only $20 per holster.  Initials stamped into the holster adds another $5 per initial on any design.

The belt loop on any holster can be made longer, so as to drop the holster lower on the belt, as is the trigger guard area on all cross draw holsters.  (For example, see The San Gabriel).  This has the effect of lowering your revolver while still using a straight "period correct" belt.

I can also tilt the muzzle forward about 8 degrees for an easier draw. as is the San Gabriel example (link above).

Remember, we are a full custom shop and will make alterations and variations of any of the designs you see, as well as original designs if you have a photo  or can describe what you would like.  There is usually no additional charge for redesigning or designing according to your desires.  That includes increasing or decreasing the drop you might see on any of our designs.   (I get my best ideas from my customers)

Always measure the circumference of exactly where you plan to wear the gunbelt... over the kind of clothes you will be wearing with the rig.     Please click here to see the explanation near the bottom on the index page.


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For all our holsters we use “heavy saddle skirting” from Hermann Oak.  This is vegetable tanned leather - the very best domestic hides, and tanned in America.

Unless your holsters are constructed using heavy skirting (at least 12 - 15 oz leather)  they will not hold their shape nor hold up to heavy use.

                 Fall Sale

Until the end of the year, when you order a double rig (2 holsters and any gun belt)... 

We will either build a 3rd holster at no cost...

Or two cartridge slides (shot shell or revolver) at no cost.

The Llano