Occasionally, I will have items... some one of a kind, or a prototype,  already made which are ready to ship.  When these items are available, I will post them here. 


Whatever is ordered, I can build matching gear to complete the rig.

Tapered gunbelt 35” to middle hole with 2” adjustment in each direction (no cartridge loops).   One cut and 1 row stamping.  I can piece this rig out.  You can order matching custom belt at regular price if you want a belt that matches the holsters. 

Belt only, custom price = $120  Sale price = $80

Holsters built to fit SAA, RV, 1860 Colt, 1858 Rem., Open Tops, up to 8” barrels, tooled 1 alternating row stamped + 1 raised bead.  Pair of holsters custom price = $220  Sale price = $180

Pair of matching .45 slides @ $35 each

Color of all the above is oiled tobacco... an “over the trail” look.

Ranger gunbelt...  3” X  48” to middle hole with 2” adjustment in each direction (30) .45 cartridge loops (centered in back).   2 rows stamping + 3 raised beads, in an antique russet color.  The holsters are San Gabriel Rivers, and molded to SAAs and RVs up to 5 1/2” barrels.  This rig needs to go as a complete set.

Rig, custom price = $440, Sale price = $350

Tapered antique russet gunbelt 2 1/2” X 48” to middle hole with 2” adjustment in each direction (30) .45 cartridge loops.   Three stamped rows + 2 raised beads. 1 large concho one each end.

Belt only, custom price = $180  Sale price = $100

Money belt style gunbelt 3 1/2” X 48” to middle hole with 2” adjustment in each direction.  (30) .45 cartridge loops.  This belt built with leather that looks really old.  Scrape a finger nail across it to make a light mark that then can be removed by briskly rubbing with the hand.  The color is a tobacco that closely matches the Pecos holsters sis a tobacco that cl listing, but money belts never match perfectly in color with any holster (different type leather) Note the copper rivets used in assembling this belt.  The varnish has been buffed off the solid brass buckle so it will tarnish and look really antique.  If the belt fits and you shoot 7 1/2 almost anything and want a rig to have the look of age... this is the perfect combination. 

Custom belt price = $170,   Sale price = $125

The military (Indian Wars Period) holsters above are a discontinued style  from my offerings.  Frankly the labor and time to build this style holster is just too great to be justified by a reasonable price.  The flaps are removable from the back by snaps, and  the holsters are built as very close copies of originals.  $200 for the pair.

Antique tan Pecos holsters molded to fit 5 1/2”  RVs and SAAs, tooled with 1 raised bead and 1 alternating row of stampings.

Holsters custom price = $230


#1 = sold

#2 =  .45/70, 3” wide Ranger rifle belt, 35” to center hole, 1 row stamping, 26 shell loops...also fits .45 or .410 shotshell ... dark brown

Custom price = $137  Sale price = $100

#3 = black 20 gauge shot shell belt, 2 1/2” X 30” to center hole.  Tooled 1 row and 1 bead. 

Custom price = $165  Sale price = $100

2 top slides (.357/38)   sold

2 bottom slides (.45)   Price $25 each

3 round slide (.45)  made to fit on the tongue of gunbelt, or on dress belt   Price $15

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