The Sabinal River is the Eastern branch of the Frio River.  Like the Frio, the Guadalupe, the Llano, the Nueces, the Medina, the Pedernales, and the San Saba rivers, the Sabinal headwaters in the Hill County of Central and Southwest Texas.  This is an area North of San Antonio, and West of Austin, that is roughly half the size of Maine.  This "Hill County" area, containing what geologists call the "Llano Uplift," is the "roots" of a mountain range that is said to have once been as grand as any section of the present day Rocky Mountains.  Over the eons, most of it has eroded away, leaving thin soils, rocky hills, and igneous outcrops which together have left a really beautiful landscape and clear, rock bottom creeks and rivers.  This area of Texas still looks much as it must have before the area was settled, as the relatively poor farming soils, and semi arid land was not settled as heavily, nor altered in appearance very much.  This is the part of Texas where vacationers flock.  A place full of history, rivers and lakes, and outstanding beauty.

The "Sabinal" was inspired by the "San Gabriel"  holster.  In fact it is the "San Gabriel," minus the skirt.  One possible option would be a "San Gabriel" strong side holster with a skirt, and a cross draw in the skirtless variety (the Sabinal).

This rig was built in antique russet for a pair of 5 1/2" Vaqueros.  It has 3 rows of stamping and two raised beads.  The right hand holster is built without a drop and the other is a cross draw.   The above rig, has 30 cartridge loops, two conchos, and an upgraded silver plated buckle.

See the "Prices and Contact Info Page" to figure the price for different combinations of embellishment.

Another photo of the above holsters

For a "skirted" version of the "Sabinal" holster, see the "San Gabriel"

Remember, we are a full custom shop and will make alterations and variations of any of the designs you see, as well as original designs if you have a photo  or can describe what you would like.  

Always measure the circumference of exactly where you plan to wear the gunbelt... over the kind of clothes you will be wearing with the rig.

For all our holsters we use “heavy saddle skirting” from Hermann Oak.  This is vegetable tanned leather - the very best domestic hides, and tanned in America.

Unless your holsters are constructed using heavy skirting (at least 12 - 15 oz leather)  they will not hold their shape nor hold up to heavy use.

                 Fall Sale

Until the end of the year, when you order a double rig (2 holsters and any gun belt)... 

We will either build a 3rd holster at no cost...

Or two cartridge slides (shot shell or revolver) at no cost.

e-mail: Don Barnett

Phone: 281-659-3998

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