The San Saba river is a tributary of the Colorado River, in Central Texas.  The San Saba was a little to the “Indian side” of settled Texas when my ancestors moved into that part of the state before the "War of Northern Aggression."

This holster is a close copy of an antique that a customer sent me a photo of.  This distinguishing feature of this 3/4 skirted holster, made of 11-12 ounce saddle skirting, and dyed antique russet, is the the way the trigger guard area rises to the top of where the belt loop begins to curve over.  The muzzle is also tilted forward about 8 degrees, as was the original.   I think this is a fine example of period correct gunleather.

Another unique feature is the tooling along the leading edge of the throat of this holster.  Notice that a bead is followed by a channel which is raised in the middle.  Then another bead and a stamped row, another bead and another stamped row.  Along the sewn edge, the stitching is followed by a bead, then a row of stamping, another bead, and a second row of stamping.  

This holster has double loops across the front - other designs will not allow this feature, as it requires a narrow straight toe.  (The double loops across the front add $20 per holster.)  See the holster with a single loop, below.

Another variation of a heavily tooled San Saba holster:  It has a single loop with a different shaped loop.  The loop across the front can be rounded top and bottom if you prefer.

This one is also a little different than the first, in that the skirt is a little wider, and shows the tooling better.  The color of this holster is "antique russet."

This rig (Left and right strong holsters) was also ordered with a third holster in a matching Salado design for a 3 1/2" Ruger Vaquero birdshead.  This Salado was altered by adding a wider skirt similar to the one on the San Saba, and cutting the throat down to show more of the revolver.

Above is a set of San Saba holsters (origional design), with a plain moneybelt (no loops) done in a very dark mahogany color.  

A close up showing the right strong holster with a 5 1/2" Ruger Vaquero.  A Morgan dollar concho is on both billets of the moneybelt.

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Remember, we are a full custom shop and will make alterations and variations of any of the designs you see, as well as original designs if you have a photo  or can describe what you would like.  

For all our holsters we use “heavy saddle skirting” from Hermann Oak.  This is vegetable tanned leather - the very best domestic hides, and tanned in America.

Unless your holsters are constructed using heavy skirting (at least 12 - 15 oz leather)  they will not hold their shape nor hold up to heavy use.

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Until the end of the year, when you order a double rig (2 holsters and any gun belt)... 

We will either build a 3rd holster at no cost...

Or two cartridge slides (shot shell or revolver) at no cost.


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