Tooling design examples:

Many tooling designs are possible.  Here are just a few.  I can do almost any combination you might like.  Just send me a photo of what you have in mind if it is difficult to describe.  But since these are our most popular requests, prices are listed here for these.  Other combinations will be priced separately.

Below you will see several popular "stamp" patterns used

 Tooling:                                                                        Holster               Matching Belt                

     #1 one row stamped                                                 $10                        $25

     #2  one cut line + one row                                       $15                         $35

     #3  one bead + one row                                           $20                          $40

     #4  two beads + one row                                         $25                          $50

     #5  two beads + two rows                                       $30                           $60

     #6  three beads + two rows                                      $35                          $65

    #7  two beads + three rows                                      $35                          $65

          Our most popular border

     #8  two beads + two rows + basket weave              $50                        $50*

     #9  Hickok or James (Slim Jim style holsters)       $45                         $60

    #10  Barbed wire or rope                                           $35                         $60

     #11  Barbed wire or rope centered on                     $35                         $65 

             top or beside  wide “raised” bead.


     *On a gunbelt with cartridge loops, most of the belt is covered by loops or holsters, so we recommend matching it to the holsters by applying the border tooling only and leave off the basket weave designs. 

There is no charge for matching the tooling on the tongue or buckle billets on a money belt to that of the holsters

One row of stamping: (#1)


One cut line + one row (#2)

No price difference for having two patterns in the same row as in this example:

One raised bead + one row stamping: (#3)

Two rows of stamping + two raised beads: (#5)

Two rows of stamping + three raised beads: (#7)

Two raised beads + 3 rows stamping:  (#6)  (Our most popular carving)

Two raised beads + two rows stamping + full basket weave: (#8)

Hikock Carving: (#9)

James Carving: (#10)

Frank James had a set of holsters carved very similar to the ones above. I can put this carving on any “slim jim” style holster.

1 row alternating stamping + 1 raised bead  (#3)

Please note that #3 stamping can have one pattern in the row, although I prefer what you see below unless you want something else.

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Tooling Designs